Any Data Scientist will encounter the class imbalance problem at some point along their learning journey. This refers to a situation where a data set includes many instances of one class label and few examples of the other, in the case of binary classification problems. In this article, I discuss how to overcome this problem and build a highly predictive statistical ML model of stroke events, given anonymized patient history data. The aim is to find out which lifestyle and medical conditions can increase the risk of stroke events and I answer this question using the publicly available, anonymized…

The desire to seek the novel and search for new experiences is rooted deep in the human psyche. For thousands of years, people have been going on pilgrimages, exploring uncharted territories on the map and sought peace in new dwellings. When we travel, we are immersed in a new realm, that of the now, as we connect with new people and find a route to our destination.

When we travel, we can be more free by forgetting routines and other daily burdens, by carrying only the utmost necessary and by stepping out of our habitual behaviors and thought patterns. We…

From a very young age, we enter the world of formal education. We begin our life with a maze of classrooms, teachers, essays, projects, timetables, homework, exams, grades, presentations and all the rest of it. The system makes sure we are “prepared” for the future and the idea is to give us the best possible start in life. Whist some educational systems are better or worse at giving students skills to enter the work force, most systems fail to create well rounded individuals. This is evident to the students themselves, as they see their peers disengage, start behaving antisocially or…

This may be of interest to aspiring professional tennis players around the world, who have played numerous local and regional tennis tournaments yet have not broken through to national and international level events.

First things first, tennis is a ruthless sport. That much we all know. It takes a very balanced and composed mind to win matches and stay in the present moment, especially when we are lagging behind in the score line. There are a few tips I can share with you which might make your tennis journey a little more informed and easier. Read on.

  1. Do not pay…

Peter Marinov

A physicist, computer scientist, athlete enthusiast and passionate sharer of concepts.

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